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Hialeah Heat Pump Installation and Repair

heat pump hialeah

Heat Pump Hialeah

Installing a Hialeah heat pump is one of the best things you can do for your Hialeah Florida home. When you know an area as well as we do, you get to understand the temperament of the region. We know that year round, on average, the temperature doesn’t go below optimum operation temperature for a Hialeah heat pump. This means that the savings a heat pump Hialeah can offer you will be equally constant. That being said, I would like to inform you a little as to why these units can save you so much cash. They are a great alternative to a Hialeah air conditioning and Hialeah furnace system, because they combine the two units into one at the same great level of efficiency.

How A Heat Pump Hialeah Works

Hialeah heat pump systems work off a the same principle that makes and air conditioning unit function so well at cooling our homes. It takes warm air heats up some fluid, this fluid is then cycled outside where the fluid is allowed to radiate heat through some fins and a fan. Before reentering the home the air is compressed in your heat pump Hialeah, and shot back through. As the gas expands it begins evaporating thus lowering the temperature. The cool liquid is allowed to transfer back into the home where it cools the air by absorbing more heat. The cycle repeats over and over again in your Hialeah heat pump.

Why Heat Pumps Save You Money

These modern miracles of climate control technology operate on that very simple process of evaporation. This means no energy is actually used to cool the air. It only powers the compressor and the like. So when your Hialeah heat pump, which can operate in reverse is used, it can also heat the home. Most units work best above a certain temperature and that means they work best in warmer climates. There are ways to warm the air when there is no heat, but it is much less energy efficient. Call today to find out more about this and other air conditioning services we offer the Hialeah, Fl area. Like our AC repair Hialeah Preseason Checkups.